Are you being kind to yourself – really?

Sometimes we think we are being kind to ourselves when really we aren’t at all! Allow me to illustrate. I believe in preventative healthcare and as such I go and see a fantastic Reiki Master every 3-4 weeks. Invariably, the treatment comes up at ‘just the right time’ and not only is it fabulous at keeping me balanced, it also helps to support me through whatever I am currently learning or needing to turn my attention to in my life. Yesterday was no exception… I launched a course last week and as a result of all the build-up, the preparation and the delivery found myself exhausted by Friday.

Being aware of this I took the opportunity to rest. However is it really rest if you are still working on ideas and planning? The short and rather direct answer is NO!

The only way we can really rest is to switch off and go and do something completely different. So what did I do? I painted a fence. Well actually a third of a fence. Having never painted a fence before I had no idea how long it would take and totally under-estimated my speed of progress. And guess what – it doesn’t matter! The fence will get painted. Although probably not today as the weather has changed.

What’s the hurry? Really? You’ve probably heard the expression that life is not a race it’s a journey. If it’s a race who are you competing against – you are unique and you will do what you do differently to anyone in your life or in your industry. So why would you compete with yourself?

These situations are sent to us so we can all learn – learn about ourselves, learn what it means to be human, learn so that we can do something different and focus on what’s important to us. So what’s important to you? Do you wake up every morning excited by the day ahead knowing what you came here to do? Does your life excite you?

If you have reached that awe-inspiring place then share your top tips below for being kind to yourself. If you are not sure what that place looks like yet and maybe you would like some help in getting there then get in touch –  I’d love to help… until then be kind to yourself.

“Life is not a race, but a journey to be savoured each step of the way.” Author unknown


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