Less is More


You know when you’ve been receiving the same message and you haven’t been listening. Or variations on a theme. That stubborn independence. Or just plain old stubbornness that thinks it knows best. Basically just another guise for resistance. Resistance to the natural ebb and flow that is change. The eternal constant. Never ceasing. Ever present.

As you may well be aware – what we resist persists. Yet, in my own defence – now justifying my resistance – I didn’t know how to take action on what I was being shown. On what I was being told. Life is awesome, magical and mysterious. Wonderful and unfathomable. Yet at the same time we are more connected and know so much more than we realise. And the beauty is – the only thing we need to do to access this is to stop and listen. Be still. Breathe. Be in nature. Meditate. Whatever works for you.

Life has unexpectedly caused me to stop, to slow down to take stock and to listen. And guess what? The answers have come – as they always do. I now have a greater understanding of how to interact with and apply the messages I have been receiving. For I have been guided to do fewer different things. To focus on the few rather than the many. The same applies to my personal as well as my professional life.

I am a great starter. I love starting things. The newness, the freshness, the development, the unfolding. It’s my creative nature. I love creating things. I am always inspired. New thoughts, visions, ideas, words… all come easily to me. Where I find myself struggling is finishing. Exacerbated by being so excited and involved in the next thing and the next thing and the next…

So if you are a starter and non-completer like me, maybe it’s time to focus on a few projects and see them through to their fruition. For in the words of the great Mies van der Rohe “less is more”. Maybe the change in itself could be seen as creating something new. It will certainly create more headspace – either for the development (and completion) of what you and I are currently working on, or to fuel your dreams and visions of future goals and projects. Projects that you will feel even more excited about engaging with after you have finished a few that have been outstanding…

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