Manifesting Miracles

This course has been designed to help you recognise that you can dare to dream and to help you make those dreams a reality. You may have heard of the Law of Attraction. You may already be familiar with it. Well now it’s time to put it in to practice. Please note:

  • This is not a theoretical course.
  • This course is all about busting the myths that surround manifesting and abundance.
  • With each session you will gain useful tools that you can put in to practice straight away.
  • Your belief system will be challenged.
  • You may feel out of your comfort zone – this is where growth occurs.
  • You will be participating with other like-minded people who are ready and willing to change their lives.

Please note. If you enroll on this course, and participate fully, I can promise you that your life will change. If you are unsure whether this course is right for you I regularly run introductory sessions.

There is always a great response to this course so if you are interested register your interest HERE and be the first to hear about new courses and introductory sessions.

Here’s some of the great feedback I have received from the Manifesting Miracles Course:

“Wow. I started this course with the intention of making life changing decisions to feel uplifted and inspired. I have finished this course a completely different person – empowered, uplifted and with a desire to manifest the life of my dreams. Thank you! X”

CH, Sevenoaks

“Awareness, honesty and responsibility – just some of the areas I have found inspiring from Melody’s course. The self work was enlightening and I feel the course has started me on a new positive journey which I am extremely grateful for. Thank you Melody X”

GS, Westerham

“I had the opportunity to take part in Melody’s course last fall.  I really enjoyed the course and at the end of each class I always took away a new idea and many learnings that I could start implementing in my life. What I have learned since taking Melody’s course is that miracles don’t happen over night and our dreams do manifest in due time.

In the western world we all want something right NOW! And what I have learned is to trust that things will happen in perfect and divine time. This can be hard to wrap your head around sometimes but we have no control and all we can do is wake up, show up and just do our best. Since taking the course I have had many positive things happen for me both personally and professionally. The really amazing thing is that I planted those seeds whist on the course.

We all have a deep desire to make life better and to live our dreams. This is an amazing course to start doing exactly that. It’s time to plant those seeds now in such a warm, loving and supportive environment.  All the ideas and methods that Melody shared with us on the course are easily understood and you can apply it to your everyday life.

Thank you Melody for your loving guidance xx”

AN, Tunbridge Wells