How Sensitive Are You?

I’ve been thinking about this question today… For an empath, a sensitive soul and an intuitive this is a big question. One with many nuances, implications and what are often seen as hindrances. Yet, as with most things in life, this becomes very different if we change our perspective. If we allow ourselves a little compassion. (Like we would with anybody else). If we look through the eyes of love at ourselves and recognise that what could be seen as a weakness at worst and a hindrance at least, is in fact, a strength. A beautiful gift that enables us to show up in the world in a different way from those that don’t possess this particular gift.

If you have ever been accused of feeling too much or too deeply, do not despair. Instead embrace this beautiful sensitivity and consider how you could utilise it, to help yourself and to help others. We are here to feel. To experience the whole range of human emotions. To experience. Not to know. Or think. To feel. To really understand an experience by living it fully on every level. We do this through our feelings and emotions. This is what makes us human. I know sometimes it hurts. A lot. Yet what we perhaps need to remember is that although pain maybe inevitable, suffering is a choice. We can learn to experience fully and then release. We do not need to hang on to any emotion. No matter if they are so called ‘good’ or ‘bad’. In the words of Michael Singer, it’s about allowing life to move through you.

The yogis knew a thing or two about this. For in Vedic tradition it is said that we accumulate samskara for every experience we have. Every relationship. Every thing that has ever happened and continues to happen. And that this samskara is stored in the heart. The good news is as soon as you decide to start letting go – no matter how big or how small – and start releasing that which no longer serves you, any associated or similar stuff also has the potential to be released. Particularly if we are dissolving old patterns and habits and creating new ways of being and experiencing life. So even though we may be focusing on forgiving something or someone that is occurring in our life right now, it will also help to release anything from our past of a similar nature. Pretty darn good huh?! And a fine reason, if ever you needed one to work on letting go of anything that no longer serves you. Knowing that on some level you are also releasing long held stuff that you had internalised. No wonder we feel so good when we release, forgive, extend compassion and just let go already!

Obviously being sensitive comes with lots of variants and variations. After all, as much as we are all one, we are all also beautifully unique. I could write countless articles on all my own sensitive aspects!!! The point is simple. Let’s embrace the whole of who we are. Whether our particular society does or not. The point is to honour ourselves. For when you love, honour and respect yourself other people do too. So embrace who you are. In all its unique, beautiful, messy glory and honour yourself for the sacred soul that you are.

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