What are you capable of?

I have just had quite a revelation as a result of changing some of the settings on my smartphone. These incredible devices that we probably only utilise a fraction of their capabilities…

Yet what about ourselves? What are we capable of? What hidden depths and capabilities within ourselves are lying dormant waiting to be discovered? How often do we surprise ourselves with what we are capable of when faced with adversity or the challenges of life? What if we choose to tap into this power voluntarily? What would we find? What could we do with it?

In reality, we are capable of far more than we realise. We sometimes have this reflected back to us when others comment or praise us for something we have done, or how we have handled a situation. Embrace this feedback, as it is an opportunity for us to gain greater insight of who we are, and with that clarity can come. Clarity of our potential, our abilities and perhaps an inkling of what we are truly capable of, if we allow ourselves to step into our greatness. Not just sometimes. Not just when our backs up against the wall, when we desire.

So maybe next time you are exploring the capabilities of your smartphone, or any form of technology, remember that you too have hidden depths and untapped potential. Is it time to start exploring your own capabilities?


If you struggle accepting compliments, praise or feedback from other people you are not alone. It is something I see all the time and something I have learnt to overcome myself. As always, you have a choice. If you wish to change this pattern ask for help. It is often a reflection of our own self worth. The great news is you can improve your own self worth – if you choose to do so. So if you are ready I would be honoured and delighted to help.

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