“Melody is one of life’s miracle workers. She has an extraordinary ability to help you recognise your deepest desires and fears, the blocks to creating your inner peace and happiness. If you are feeling blocked and the desire to manifest wealth, health and happiness… I urge you to step out of your comfort zone and make contact with marvellous Melody! Just do it… I did!”

CG, Southborough

“I first tried meditation to try to calm my mind during a confusing and stressful time.  The positive impact regular meditation has had beyond this has been enormous. I can find mental tranquillity in situations which used to overwhelm me. Further, I have learned to listen to and trust in myself, and I now understand myself so much better. Regular meditation, especially in a guided group, is simple and effective yet also extremely powerful, and I would urge everyone to try it!”

JW, Edenbridge

“What a wonderful and relaxing retreat.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself and Melody’s infectious smile and energy left me feeling calm, energised and positive.  Thoroughly recommended and I will be back for another session. Thank you.  I am truly grateful.”

LA, Sutton Valence

“I had been at an impasse in both personal and business terms for some years and had lost direction and purpose. In ten short weeks, Melody helped me redefine my purpose and in short get my ‘mojo’ back. Her work has been transformational and inspiring. I can’t recommend her highly enough”

JB, Tonbridge

“Great to meditate  in a group with you Melody. Felt very special. Thanks for helping us find such a delicious, warm space to rest in for a while. I’ll be back x”

KT, Maidstone

“Thanks for yesterday – did enjoy meeting like-minded people who were all lovely and had forgotten how good it feels to be in such a group setup. Also loved angel cards – again haven’t used them for ages… Thank you also for leading such a great session.”

MH, Tunbridge Wells

“I always enjoy spending time with you. You look at things in a different way – you bring a different perspective.”

EC, Tunbridge Wells

“Thank you so much for a lovely day last Sunday! Relaxing, inspirational & fun!”

TB, Edenbridge

“A wonderful, relaxing experience. I arrived tense and stressed for your mini retreat and left three hours later, contented, calm and chilled. What I particularly liked was that I took home the techniques to maintain a habit  of meditation, and so the results are long-lasting. A session to be recommended to all, for immediate and longer term stress reduction.”

CH, Crowborough

“I have Ankylosing Spondylitis which has, in the past, caused me a great deal of pain and restricted movement in my back and neck. I see an osteopath regularly to help with my mobility. Since attending guided mediation sessions with Melody, I have had no pain and have felt much freer and more mobile. I visited osteopath yesterday and she told me that all my muscles that had previously been very tight, restricting my movement, are now markedly looser and the muscle tone is vastly improved. The only difference I have made is the meditation!

Not only have I made an amazing transformation physically, working with Melody has also had an incredible impact on my wellbeing mentally and spiritually too!

Melody is a remarkable spiritual teacher and mentor. I cannot recommend her highly enough!”

AR, Sevenoaks