Breathing Workshop

When we become stressed or hold tension in the body one of the first things that can noticeably suffer is our breathing. As we reduce the amount of oxygen entering our bloodstream this then affects our ability to think clearly and take effective action.

It’s time to release that tension and let go. Come and join me in learning some powerful and effective techniques that you can literally do anywhere. A fun and supportive workshop to inspire and empower.

Saturday 22nd July from 9am – 12pm

The workshop will be held at my home here in Tonbridge and costs £30.

You can buy tickets by CLICKING HERE.


Psychic Development Workshop

Believe it or not we are all psychic to lesser or greater degrees. And as such you can learn to exercise your ‘psychic muscles’ to make them stronger. In this workshop we will be examining what it means to be psychic and the different gifts that we may already possess. We will also look at how to develop these with practical exercises and examples. A fun, friendly workshop in a nurturing and loving environment. If you’ve always wanted to find out more or would like to explore your existing talents then come along for a fun-filled workshop that’s guaranteed to be interesting!

Cost is £40 per person. Next workshop date to be announced. Put your name on the wait list HERE if you are interested.