This year there are a whole host of courses and events going on. If you are looking for an escape for a day then come and join me for a retreat. I have four Goddess Retreats planned for this year, one for each season! So, ladies if you are ready to connect to your inner Goddess let me know!

I am also running my Mini Retreats again this year. A great way to fit in some peace in this busy world. If you have half a day then you can fit this in! I am happy to run these ‘on a demand’ basis so do let me know if this is something you are interested in and we can schedule a date. You can email me HERE.

Workshops can be a great way to introduce you to a subject that you are interested in exploring further. In this modern world we are constantly bombarded by external stimuli. This can cause anxiety or a stress response in the most serene individual. So the more self aware we are combined with some practical self help techniques, the more able we are to cope and more importantly THRIVE! This is where my Breathing Workshops come in. A wonderful opportunity to spend 3 hours reconnecting with your breath and understanding how you can use it to support you in any situation. I would be delighted to share this with you. For details of how to take part see HERE.

My courses are designed to delve in to a subject more deeply. They take place over a number of weeks or months and are peppered with tools for you to take away and actively put in to practice. This is how we truly learn – by doing! I am delighted to be running a course in Manifesting Miracles for the third time. An opportunity to look at the natural laws at play in the Universe and how by understanding them we can use them to consciously create the life we desire. Please be aware that this course changes lives!

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